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Za Yoga at Deering Estate
The Best!
Z has a knack for quickly determining your particular needs. Her expertise enables you to get the greatest benefits quickly and enjoyably.
— Ken Chesman
Za Yoga Clients
World Class Instructor
Zamanta is the most experienced instructor I’ve had in a long time. Her well balanced classes leave you feeling spiritually connected and physically ready to enjoy your daily routine.
— Jasmin Crawford

Za Yoga Shala 

Wednesdays  6:00 - 7:15pm 


This class combines all aspects of the physical practice of yoga. Stretching the body to prepare for seated breathing exercise in order to concentration and meditation.     

 Classes are $10.                                                 

Please call before attending classes at the Shala.                       

Deering Estate

All Level Vinyasa

Saturdays 8:30 to 10:00am

The intention of this class is to move in a consistent flow. Vinyasa means “breath-synchronized movement.”  The technique utilizes the flow of one’s inhalations and exhalations in coordination with the poses, better known as Asanas.  This style covers a broad range of yoga and draws its strength from its diversity.  There is no single philosophy, rule-book, or sequence that the teacher has to follow, which permits a lot of room for individual personalization and quirks to come through.

Please sign up for class on this link: Deering Estate

Great Teacher
Zamanta is a great person and a very experienced teacher. She is very focused in the practice and helped me from when I started my practice. Always explaining the postures, what each one are for and the right way to do it. I practice yoga with other instructors that says, I have good roots (thanks to Zamanta my 1st. teacher).
— Martha de la Mora
Zamanta is an amazing instructor
I have had the great pleasure and good fortune to practice Yoga on and off with Zamanta for the past four years. I truly appreciate her hands-on style of teaching, her amazing energy and her spiritual kindness.
— Carmen Moras