Zamanta Archibold

I am one of those mulatas from New York City's melting pot. Born in Panama, by a Trinidadian mother and raised in the heart of Brooklyn. My years there taught me the reality of struggle and survival. I fought hard to pick myself up, get through university and establish a career as an Interior designer.  I had the typical New Yorker's life; I worked to live. 

King Pigeon

My story is not unique, but it demonstrate how life is constantly changing. Most of the time, we struggle with how to survive each day, instead of appreciating that we have life.  I continue to live, teach and practice a yogic lifestyle in Miami, while raising my daughter and caring for my elderly dog. 

Tree Warrior

All that change, when I gave birth to my daughter. We packed up and moved to the Dominican Republic. While training in Karate, a friend suggested yoga as an option to relieve a numbness in my foot. With no classes to be found on the island, I bought a Richard Freedman video on Ashtanga yoga and I’ve been practicing yoga ever since. Eventually, we moved to Mallorca, Spain, where I was able to attend classes. I studied under Swami Brahmavidyananda and I began teaching when I moved to Miami in 2008.

Flying Side Crow