The overall feeling of wellness is a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit. In our society, wellness is considered a luxurious pursuit and is often misrepresented as a deluxe means of pampering oneself. This is far from the truth.

Mastering your life is about discovering, creating and living with happiness and peace. Transforming the person you see into the person you want to be, begins and ends with you.

The body needs three basic things: movement, nourishment and rest. These come in the forms of exercise, healthy eating and sleep. Unfortunately, these basic needs are rarely adequately met in most individuals. Our wellness program evaluates your lifestyle and creates a package that balances your physical fitness, eating habits and sleeping patterns. We will restore your body and calm your mind, so you can find your path to wellness.

This is your body, your mind, your life. How you care for it is really up to you.

As an interior designer, spaces intrigue me. I look at a room for what it can become. Now, as a yoga teacher, I apply the same principles. Each individual is unique, but we all have a common goal of maximizing our potential.

Over the last few years, I've utilized my love of spaces and passion for yoga to help individuals adopt a lifestyle which balances their physical, mental, and spiritual needs.



Our home represents who we are in more ways than we realize.  A chaotic home creates a hectic lifestyle. The place that we dwell is our escape from the noise of the world. That space should embody a sense of calm and peace together with security and clarity. By creating a space that is in tune with positive energy, you will create a harmonious household.


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